Ultimate 10 SUNSCREEN errors

Today is an important post. The daily sunscreens application is a major step in everyone’s routine. It won’t make your skin looks better today or tomorrow but it 10 years it has a major impact. My philosophy about sunscreen is the less UV touch your skin the better, hence I only recommend SPF50+ with the high UVA protection. In the EU, SPF50+ should have a PPD of 20 (PPD= UVA protection or above). In Asian sunscreens using the PA rating, only opt for PA++++.

In this post, I will be brief and go straight to the point. If you want to know all the details watch my video.

1: Never mix your sunscreens

If you mix you sunscreen with a moisturizer, an oil, a tinted product to correct a white cast it will decrease the protection.

2: Don’t apply sunscreen before your moisturizer

The moisturizer will disturb the sunscreen layer.

3: Don’t buff your make up

If you like to wear makeup don’t use a brush to buff in the foundation or you will disturb the layer of sunscreen underneath.

4: DIY sunscreen

Unfortunately, you cannot create a sunscreen at home even if you have all the ingredients. On key element to obtain correct protection is an even dispersion of the filters which is not achievable at home. Also, how can you measure the SPF and UVA protection at home?

5: Not reapplying your sunscreen

The SPF and the UVA protection factor has to be constant for 2 hours. After two hours it will likely decrease depending on your skin type, your activities and sun exposure. Be sun smart. If you are indoors and no in direct sunlight you can skip reapplication but if you go outside reapply.

6: Choosing the wrong sunscreen for your skin type

To be consistent with sunscreen it is important to choose the correct formula for your skin type. If you have oily skin and you opt for a moisturizing sunscreen it will discourage you to use it… Check my video to know my recommendations.

7: Being scared of organic filters

The amount of misinformation regarding organic filters is simply insane. They are often named chemical and opposed to physical filters. Both of them are chemical! They should be name mineral and organic filters. Organic filters are a big family. In my video and on my youtube channel I have reviewed many different types of sunscreens that use very different sunscreen filters. So don’t be afraid. You just need to find the correct combination for your skin type.

8: Not applying enough

I wish I could tell you that a little sunscreen is enough but it is not. The minimum amount is 1/4 of a teaspoon for the face another one for the neck. The more the better. If you don’t like sunscreens choose a Japanese one, in that case, it will change your life. Check my review (Anessa, Skin aqua, Allie)

9: Mixing Zinc oxide with avobenzone,

This error is more specific to sunscreens in the United States. Unfortunately, new generation filters are not allowed in the United States and only a few options are available. There are only two UVA filters zinc oxide and avobenzone (in reality, there is a third one from L’Oreal that is rarely used because of a patent). Zinc oxide cannot be mixed with avobenzone because it degrades avobenzone.

10: To not apply an even layer of sunscreen

Last but not least. The quantity and the evenness of the sunscreen’s layer are crucial to obtain the correct protection. Apply plenty and massage in the sunscreen. Always make sure that every corner is saturated with sunscreen.

To know more, watch my video.

Thank you for your time.

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