My top sunscreens for the eyes

The delicate eye area needs the best sun protection. All of the sunscreens I am about to present you are suitable to use on your eye contours they won’t stink, there are make up friendly and there are SPF50+ PA+++ of course. Please don’t use lower than SPF50+ here is why. 

Klairs Soft Airy UV essence and Purito Green level Unscented Sun

I’ve done a skincare battle between the two there very similar. They both use Uvinul T150 (UVB) and Uvinul A plus (UVAI). The combination of filters is not optimal as Uvinul T150 and A plus only filters a little in the UVAII. I still put them here because they have an incredible texture and don’t feel like sunscreen. Because they only use two filters, they are a great option for sensitive skin especially the Purito that has Centella Asiatica extract. By the way, they have no white cast! 


Oh my, this one is simply sublime, especially now with the colder weather. It’s is a rich buttery cream that spread easily and is very moisturizing. It has no white cast and works beautifully under makeup (here for the review)! The best is the filters. One word: incredible! It has Uvinul A plus (UVAI and a bit of UVAII), Iscotrizinol (UVB, UVAII), Tinosorb S (UVB, UVAII, UVAI) and Uvinul T150 (UVB). I tell you more about it in my video.

Skin Aqua UV super moisture milk and the pink version SPF50+PA++++

Both are Japanese sunscreens with a milky texture quiet runny that is so pleasant to use and they act as a silicone primer for the face. Both of them are not drying and slightly moisturizing. If you want a light texture with an excellent finish they are the one. 

The filters are excellent Zinc oxide (UVB, UVAII, UVAI), Octinoxate (UVB) and Uvinul A plus (UVAI). The pink version as Titanium dioxide (UVB, UVAII) in addition. I have a dedicated post about them (here). 

The Blue version has almost no white cast, while the Pink version does brighten the skin tone and give a slight rosy look for fair skin. Both of them gives beautiful skin and works well under makeup. The filters are encapsulated hence Octinoxate doesn’t sting the eyes. Love, Love them.

Watch my video to know more details.  

Thank you for your time. 


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