The best sunscreens of 2019

I am probably the biggest advocate of wearing sunscreen daily no matter your skin color and the weather. Sunscreens will keep your skin healthy and younger for longer. If you are not new on my platform you already know that I only recommend SPF50. I have split my sunscreens into 3 categories hardcore sunscreens, elegant sunscreens, and lip sunscreens.

Hardcore sunscreens are when you are exposed to intense sun or for a long period of time. Elegant sunscreens are nice to wear and invisible on the skin but the filtering system is not necessarily the best and the UVA protection factor is probably not the best. They are perfect on a daily basis or if you have a deep skin tone.

Watch my video to know the details about them.

☀️💪 « Hardcore » sunscreens

  • Ultrasun Face Fluid brightening anti-spot SPF50+ ⎪

☀️Elegant sunscreens

👄☀️ Lip sunscreens 

Bioderma CICABIO Stick SPF50+ ⎪ 

Thank you for your time.



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