10 skincare​ mistakes

On today’s post, I deal with what I consider the top 10 skincare mistakes. There are easily fixed and will help you to achieve healthy skin. At the end of the post, I share with you my product recommendations.  

I not wearing sunscreen every day  

Nothing new here, wearing sunscreen every single day will keep your skin younger. Make sure that your sunscreen has some decent UVA protection and SPF50+ (here is why). 

European sunscreen: UVA protection has to be 1/3 of the SPF. Every SPF50+ (SPF=<60) have to be UVAPF20 or above (PPD method)

Asian sunscreen: only choose PA++++. Never go below. 

USA sunscreen: make sure it is broad-spectrum and that it contains Zinc oxide. 

II Over exfoliating 

At home « strong » peels are so popular right now but leads far too often to over-exfoliation. Exfoliation is a key point in your journey to great heathy skin but overdoing it creates stress and unnecessary inflammation. I prefer to recommend acid toners that are often less concentrated. I find it easier to use an acidic toner several times a week rather than a strong peel.  

III Not cleansing properly your skin at night

Have you seen the video of Kylie Jenner using a foam cleanser? After rinsing it her towel was still cover with makeup. This is exactly what you don’t want. Makeup and sunscreen stick to the skin. An acidic water-based cleanser is too gentle to do properly the job, hence double cleansing (here). 

IV Using soap! 

Soap is probably the worth for the skin as it messes up the biology of the skin barrier. If you have soap ditch it or use it for the laundry. 

V Not using Hydrating products 

I have recently made an article on hydration. Every skin types need it. The skin barrier is often described as « dead ». In reality, it is more complicated than a bunch of dead cells. Lots of biochemical reactions happen and require water. Humectants in skincare help to draw in the water in the dead skin layer. So use plenty of hydrating products. I have recommendations at the end of this blog post and in my video.  

VI Never exfoliating

Your skin is sensitive, dry and you stay away from scrubs and acids. That is exactly what you should not do. Exfoliation is a natural process of the skin (here to know more) by helping your skin to shed dead skin you help it to work better. If your skin is sensitive use an acidic toner that is gentle, like the ones I recommend down below. 

VII Not giving time for a product to work

Some actives need time to work their magic. Retinol and vitamin C needs at least 2 months to improve your skin. Also, beware of the downside of each active but don’t give up. 

VIII Not using the good product for your skin type

When I shop for skincare online, I often read: this moisturizer is too greasy for me, it made my skin oilier. Not all skincare is for everybody. Choosing the right formula is crucial. An oily skin type needs a moisturizer with humectants and almost none emollients.

IX Using too much or too little

Quantity matters a lot in skincare. A hydrating essence or serum has to be used very generously whereas a retinoid has to be used in small quantity. I explain more on my video. 

X doing your skincare routine immediately before bed 

I am far too often guilty of this one. You want your skincare to infuse your skin, not your sheets. It is always better to do your routine one hour before bed. 

If you want more details, watch my video. 

Thank your time, 




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