Sensitize and sensitive skin

It is important to make the difference between a sensitized skin and sensitive skin. 

Sensitize skin 

Sensitize skin is probably what is the most often found. Skincare ingredients and habits are responsible for this skin condition that can manifest by redness, burning sensation, flaky skin, excessive dryness and so on…

Over exfoliation is the main responsible for this condition as brands are coming with potent at-home peeling. It is better to use lower concentration of AHA than higher in general. If it is not enough, increase the frequency of application. 

Perfumes, essential oils and various botanical extracts can also be irritating for the skin. In general, it is better to avoid them or limit them in one leave on products preferably at the end of the routine.

Allergic reactions can massively irritate the skin. If this happens to you stop using the new products and try your best to find the incriminated ingredient to avoid in the future. 

If your skin was sensitized focus on hydrating and moisturizing products with a simple formula like Bioderma Sensibio rich cream for example. 

Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is a skin type often associated with dryness. This skin condition is due to a constitutive impairment of the skin barrier. Avoid at all cost the « classic irritant » no perfumes, no alcohol, and no essential oils. Choose a gentle cleanser, not stripping and skin supportive ingredient like ceramides. 

Watch my video to know more about it. 

Watch my video to know more.


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