SVR Cicavit+ creme SPF50+ ⎟ My review

I’m thrilled to write this review for you. This French sunscreen falls into my categories of hardcore sunscreen and yet is very pleasant to use. It is sold as a repairing sunscreen. In my opinion, it is not healing but it is irritant free which I love. 

The UV filters

The UV filters are simply outstanding. There is a lot of redundancy and the UVA protection is exquisite. 

UVA filters 

Uvinul A plus filters UVAI and a bit of UVAII

Iscotrizinol filters UVB and UVAII. It is the most photostable UV filter yet. Even, after 25 hours it only looses 10% of efficacy! Mind-blowing  

Tinosorb S: UVB, UVAII, UVAI

UVB filters

Iscotrizinol UVB and UVAII 

Tinosorb S: UVB, UVAII, UVAI

Uvinul T150 UVB. Even at a small concentration it provides a high SPF. 


Glycerine and other sugars


Alpha Glucan oligo saccharide.


2 forms of vitamin E 

The texture

The SVR Cicavit+ creme SPF50+ is creamy but yet it glides easily. It an emollient sunscreen. If you have normal skin you can skip your moisturizers. The finish is a bit dewy and I need to powder it on my T zone. It has no white cast and works well under makeup. 

Watch my video to see the finish and how I apply it. 

Thank you for your time. 


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