The best lip product in the world !?

I have shared with you my « lip » problem (here and here) and for a very long I have struggled with super chapped lips until I discover the Nuxe Honey lip balm. It works amazingly but it has essential oils and perfume. Over the years I have tried to find a dupe without any success until recently. 

This dupe is even better than the Nuxe because it is more occlusive and has no icky ingredients! The crazy thing about it is that it is not a lip balm but an ointment for fissures and cracks from the french brand Uriage. I present to you the Uriage Bariéderm Ointment Fissures cracks. 

It is a balm and therefore it has almost no humectants. It is mainly emollients and occlusives. 


Mineral oil, paraffin, hydrogenated polydecene, Cera microcristallina, dimethicone, avocado oil, shea butter, sterol, squalane, synthetic wax. There are 10 emollients that are very moisturizing and form a protective layer on the lips.


Panthenol and glycerine. There are only two humectants but they are great. For a lip balm, you need emollients and occlusives mainly. 

Notorious allergen 



I have tested this balm in many different conditions and on 2 other friends. In all the cases, it performs better than the Nuxe. It restores and shields the lips against dehydration. This product will transform your lips. It comes 40g/1.4oz and it’s affordable. You can also use it on irritated areas. Overall, it is an outstanding lip balm. I am thrilled!

Watch me talk about it. 

Thank you for your time. 


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