Allie sunscreens extravaganza

Today’s I’m going two review two Japanese sunscreens from Allie. Allie is own by Kanebo cosmetics. In terms of price point is similar to Anessa. I am going to review two sunscreens from Allie. If you are into Japanese skin care I highly recommend the blog from  

Allie Extra UV perfect SPF50+PA++++

The Extra UV perfect is a watery milk that according to Allie has the strongest and longest protection. I remind you that the SPF rating guarantees 2 hours of protection. The rest is not regulated. Similar to Anessa, Allie Extra UV perfect features a « friction proof » technology.  

The filters are excellent: Zinc oxide (UVB, UVAII, UVAI), Octinoxate (UVB), Titanium dioxide (UVB, UVAII), Uvinul A plus (UVAI). Similar to Anessa there is redundancy with the filters which is excellent.  

The formula is mainly silicone base and contains alcohol (ethanol). This formula forms a very resistant film on the skin that is long lasting. It has a substantial white cast that is visible for a long time but it works amazingly under makeup. The texture is extremely lightweight and very pleasant. I find this sunscreen very balanced, it is not greasy and yet no drying. Be aware of the white cast. It is less of a problem because it is an amazing makeup base. If you want a daily sunscreen to wear under makeup this is the one. Match your foundation on top of the sunscreen to cancel the white cast. The finish is quite natural, not dewy and not mat. 

Notorious allergen


Allie Extra UV facial gel SPF50+PA++++

The filters are excellent: zinc oxide (UVB, UVAII, UVAI), octinoxate (UVB), Titanium dioxide (UVB, UVAII), Uvinul T150 (UVB), Tinosrob S (UVB, UVAII, UVAI), Uvinul A plus (UVAI). Again, there is redundancy with the filters which is excellent.

The Extra UV facial gel also features the friction proof technology. There is a white cast but less visible than for the Extra UV perfect. The texture is similar to a cream that turns into a gel. This sunscreen needs a little bit of time to blend which is fine as it is easier to achieve an even layer than with a milk. I think the alcohol content is higher than with the Allie Extra UV perfect because I experienced tingleling from time to time. The finish is slightly mat but it is still moisturizing. It works as a makeup base. If you dislike a white cast this one will be for you compare to the Allie Extra UV perfect. It works pretty well under makeup but as good as the Allie Extra UV perfect. 

Notorious allergen 



I like them a lot and like the other Japanese sunscreens that I have reviewed, they are transfer proof. They won’t ruin your clothes and moves around. I am especially impressed with the Allie Extra UV perfect SPF50+PA++++ that seems extremely long-lasting. Even after 12 hours, I still notice the protective veil on the face which doesn’t mean you don’t have to reapply. But if you are mostly indoors all day long not in front of a widow this one is amazing.  

As always you can watch me talk about it.

Thank you for your time. 


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