Krave Beauty Oat so delicious, shall I buy it?

Krave beauty has a new baby and it is their first moisturizer. The formula is very simple and short. I do like a complex formula for my actives (see my review on Paula’s Choice Ceramide, here ) but I also enjoy a simple moisturizer that properly does the job as the COSRX Nourishing Overnight Mask that I love as a moisturizer. This moisturizer has been designed to be as universal as possible aka free of potential skin sensitizers. I have just purchased it at and will update you on how it performs. I have used for international shipping, it is pricey.

Today’s post and video are about the formula breakdown to give you an overview.

Before I jump into the formula I love the fact that it comes in 80ml (2.7 Fl.oz). I love love that. If you are familiar with my content you will know that I am a huge advocate of moisturizing yourself for the gods. In my opinion, the number one skin issue is dehydration.

For this formula breakdown, I will analyze all the ingredients.


Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride (aka free fatty acid), Squalane and voilà. The emollients are very simple both of them are naturally occurring in the skin and are suitable for a lot of different skin types and should not trigger acne for example.


Butylene Glycol and likely oat extracts.
Butylene Glycol is found in many Kbeauty products, notably in sheet masks. It is a sage humectant and also a solvent for other ingredients. Oat extract contains complex sugar (aka polysaccharides) that attracts water.


1,2-Hexanediol and Ethylhexylglycerin. There are safe. Keep in mind that they are some case reports that ethylhexylglycerin is an allergen.


Behenyl Alcohol and Ammonium Acryloyldimethyltaurate/VP Copolymer. Behenyl Alcohol is a multi tasker it is an emollient, an emulsifier and texture enhancer (thickener). I guess it helps to stabilize the emulsion.
Ammonium Acryloyldimethyltaurate/VP Copolymer is named Aristoflex® AVC (commercial name). It is a synthetic thickener for emulsion that creates a gel-like texture. It is stable under UV.

Active ingredient: OAT 🌾

Avena Sativa Meal Extract aka oat. In my opinion, oatmeal and squalane are the stars of this formula. I’ve been knowing about the anti-inflammatory power of oat since I was very young. In France, we have a french brand A-Derma that used oat extracts in all their products for decades. Oats has been approved by the FDA (in 2003) has a skin protectant that tells a lot. Oats helps to decrease the inflammation of the skin and support the skin barrier function by increasing skin lipids.

Notorious allergen

None but you may be allergic to oat (very unlikely). I noticed 1 case report of contact allergic. Oat has an excellent safety report.


This moisturizer seems promising while lacking humectants to my liking. I like the fact that it is one of the safest formula and most universal moisturizer out there. The formula potentially fits a lot of skin types. I will see how well it moisturizes. When I will receive this moisturizer I will update you on how to use it and how I fell about it.

Watch me to know more 😉🙏

Thank you for your time.

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