The most underrated Bioderma product: Matricium

For today’s post, I want to tell about the Matricium from Bioderma. The Matricium is sold as regenerating treatment after a dermatologist procedure such as a strong peeling or CO2 laser… This an innovative treatment that has a formula very similar to media used in biology for cell culture. 

The Matricium formula 

Like I’ve said this formula is reminiscent of a cell media that I used to use in the lab when I was doing cell culture. 

In every cell media energy source and essential molecules for cells are required. The energy source is always glucose. Our cells extract energy from glucose to power themself and do their job. The essential blocks are amino acids (arginine, serine, leucine, valine…), vitamins (folic acid, niacinamide,  ascorbic acid, vitamin B6…), and essential minerals (sodium, chloride, magnesium, potassium,  calcium, iron, copper) and others key molecules for life such as inositol,  adenine, thymidine…

All of them are necessary for cells growths. In addition, they are the Bioderma trademark humectants in the form of sugars: fructo-oligo-saccharides, rhamnose, and xylitol and also protein from milk and hyaluronic acid. 

Overall this is an extremely well-done formula that is all about « feeding » the cells. All the ingredients are humectants and will hydrate the skin.  

What key feature that I love is that it is 100% sterile, hence preservatives-free. 

Notorious allergen 

None and it is probably the most biomimetic formula I have ever came across. 

My thoughts 

What I love the most about this formula is the level of bio-mimesis it is simply incredible. Keep in mind that this product reproduces the environment of the keratinocytes under the stratum corneum (the skin barrier) and not the surface of the skin. This treatment is excellent with retinol and peeling at home or after a dermatologist treatment. I highly recommend it.

Watch my video to know more.

Thank you for your time. 


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