Collagen nanofiber matrix for the eyes! Actylayr

I’m really enthusiast to write this post because I am going to review a product that is so different from what you have ever seen in the market. I want to thanks Actylayr to have sent me this amazing product. I’m not paid to write this post and I’ve told them that I will only review it if I like it. Transparency and ethics are a staple for me.

Actylayr uses a technology that I’ve only heard about during my years as a stem researcher which is nano-matrix that acts as a scaffold. In stem biology, it is used to study stem cells and provide them an artificial niche.

Activlayr looks like a patch but it is not. It is an ultra-thin film made of nanofiber of collagen embedded with hydrolyzed collagen, hyaluronic acid, extract from grape and kiwi extract. The nanofibers of collagen are the carrier.

How it is made?

This made with marine collagen sourced in New Zealand. Collagen is a big protein made of 3 helixes in its native form aka how we found it in our dermis. The fibers have a diameter of 300nm it is 100 smaller than our pore. 1 fiber diameter is 300 000 smaller than 3cm or 1.2 inches! 1 fiber diameter is 1000 times smaller than one corneocyte (around 30um) aka dead skin in the stratum corneum. The collagen nanofibers are made using a high technology technics: electrospinning (watch my video to know more).

How does it work?

This nano form of collagen is highly soluble in water and dissolves immediately. Activlayr has used a technics called Optical Coherence Tomography to know if their nanofibers penetrate the skin. This technic is a bit Reminiscent of one that I know which is confocal microscopy. The difference is that with Optical Coherence Tomography you can detect things that are smaller than cells! This experiment shows that their nanofibers can penetrate the dead skin layer to the dermis and are an alternative to encapsulation. Of course, this primary data and lots of experiments have to be done to confirm the biological effects but it is so incredible.
I like the idea that the nanofibers carried other ingredients especially the grape extracts. If it was me I would have added a retinoid and vitamin E.

How does it perform?

This product is meant to be applied immediately after cleansing using water. Upon application, you will feel a sort of veil and then nothing. 2-3 minutes your experience a tight feeling and you notice that the skin becomes smoother. After a week of using it every evening, my eyes area was smoother. I’ve tried to take before and after pictures without any success. On my self, the difference is subtle as I don’t have yet major wrinkles.

How to apply it?

You have to apply it just after cleansing on bare skin. You mist water under your eye, you dry your fingers, remove the transparent plastic and apply it for 5-10 seconds under the eye. I then wait for 3-4 minutes and proceed with my skincare routine.

My thoughts

I love this product and I wish Activlayr will come with a face treatment. This a very promising technology. If you are looking for state of the Art skincare treatment and you don’t want a conventional approach those eye collagen nanofibers are for you.

If you want more details please watch me.

Thank you for your time.

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