Do you need sunscreen at home?

I’ve been asked this question a lot and my answer is it depends. To make things easy I have 3 scenarios. I remind you that most glasses protect from UVB but not from UVA, unfortunately. 

First scenario

Where you live you have minimal daylight or you have excellent shutters to prevent daylight from entering your place. In those conditions, it is unnecessary to wear sunscreen. 

Second scenario 

You live in a house or apartment basked with sunlight or you simply like to let the sunshine enters your home. There is no doubt that you need to wear sunscreen. 

Third scenario 

The third scenario is a mix between the two. Depending on the season and habits you need or not to wear sunscreen at home. For example, in the summer, I tend to close shutters and curtains hence I don’t need sunscreen at home. However, in winter I let the sunlight pour in so sunscreen application is required.

My tips

In general, you are less exposed to the harmful UV rays at home. Therefore you can choose an elegant sunscreen that is nice to reapply like the Klairs Soft Airy UV essence or the Purito Centella green level both SPF50+PA++++ (here for the comparison of the two). You also can be less diligent about reapplication. I typically reapply every 4 hours. Or I stay in the AM protecting from sunlight and I let the sunlight shine on in mid-afternoon and apply sunscreen. My favorite quote is from Paula Begoun: « be sun smart ».

I explain more in detail in my video. 

Thank you for your time. 


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