Why exfoliation is important ?

I have shared with you many essential steps for your skincare routine so far: how to cleanse your skin, how to moisturize and how to protect your skin from the sun. Today’s topic is another crucial step: exfoliation. 

Desquamation / exfoliation a natural process

With our human eyes, we tend to believe that the skin is more or less static. In reality, the outer most layer of our skin (the dead skin layer aka the stratum corneum) is in constant shedding while the inner layer is in self-renewal state producing new cells. The new cells migrate to the surface of the epidermis forming the stratum corneum. Unfortunately, while we age, this process slows down or is disrupted in skin disease such as acne.  

All skin types require exfoliants to help and boost this process. 

Watch my last video on the subject to learn more about your skin biology. 

If you want to know what acids you should use check my post on AHA and BHA (click here).

Thank you for reading me. 

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