Welcome Cyrille Laurent


Hello everybody,

I’m thrilled to be sitting here at my desk starting this new chapter of my life. After months of work, I am finally ready to launch this new adventure. I am at a crossroad in my life as a researcher with what the future will bring with this new skincare chapter. 

Who am I? 

I am Cyrille Laurent. Laurent is my second name that I never used. I have decided to use my two names to empower my new adventure with you. I have a high degree of education in biology with a Ph.D. in biology. I have been persuading this passion for more than 10 years in the academic research on studying stem cells. Why I tell you this because I applied my knowledge and my understanding of the skin to choose my cosmetics. I never rely on marketing claim but on the formula and the performance of the product. 

Where am I going?

I have been secretly studying cosmetics and designing skincare routines for my family, friends, and relatives for more than 14 years transforming their skin. I want to give this passion a bigger place in my life and do it at a bigger scale with you. 

Thank you for reading me, for your time and welcome to the happy skin place where science and skincare meet. 

Much love and respect


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