Snail solution cream

Nature Republic Snail solution cream 

Nature republic snail solution


It was about time that I review a moisturizer. Any biologist will tell you that miss H20 is the mother life. Everything single specs of life dependents on water and the primary function of our skin is to retain the precious water inside us. Moisturizers are meant to help your skin to accomplish its duty. 

A good moisturizer mimics our the acid mantle functions. I invite you to read my blog post on the stratum corneum acid (Click me). The acid mantle contains a blend of humectants, emollients and occlusive. Humectants attract water into the dead skin layer (the stratum corner), emollients retain water and occlusive prevent any water from escaping. 

I review my holy grail moisturizer the Nature Republic Snail solution cream. It contains the famous snail filtrate also known as snail mucin. I came across this baby during my first trip to South Korea in 2013. I notice that the snail creams were heavily promoted. My first reaction was, what the heck! I got a sample return to my hotel, read the composition and discover that 70% of the cream is snail filtrate. I tried it and got instant deep moisturizing. The next morning I was glowing. I have tested this formula on many of my friend and people who are working with me with the same results. 


Snail solution cream Nature republic

Nature Republic Snail solution cream formula

Snail filtrate or snail mucin: 

The star ingredient is snail filtrate concentrate at 70%. Snail filtrate is derived from snail mucus. The slime protects the animal from moisture evaporation and has healing properties for the snail. No harm is done to snails. Snail filtrate contains a complex combination of protein and sugar among them allantoin, glycolic acid, and antioxidants. Scientific reports have shown that snail filtrate has antioxidant activity, stimulates the proliferation of skin cells (fibroblast), promotes skin healing and decrease wrinkles. Some of the studies were conducted in vitro.  

The moisturizing effect of snail filtrate is easy to demonstrate at home after a couple of day of use you clearly witness the plumping and moisturizing effect on the skin. The antioxidant effect is the less studied, and I would not count on it. However, the healing effect and the anti-wrinkle properties are well established. See for yourself. 

In my opinion, the most significant interest of snail filtrate is its incredible humectant and healing properties.

This formula is packed with other humectants and moisturizers: 

glycerin, dipropylene glycol, dimethicone (a silicone), pentylene glycol, butylene glycol and hyaluronic acid. 

Those humectants with snail filtrate make this moisturizer lightweight but deeply moisturizing. 

The texture: 

The texture is interesting. It is a gel-cream with a bouncy feel. It spreads easily on the skin. The cream is not excessively tacky, and it works perfectly under makeup. It is a delightful face cream to use. 


Is it for you? 

This face cream is suitable for a lot of skin types because it contains humectants and no oils. If you have sensitive skin, I would be cautious and do a patch test behind the ear for a solid night. This formula also contains perfume that can trigger allergies. Snail mucin is a complex ingredient rich in different proteins that can also provoke allergies. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you if you will react to it. 

In the morning, it is important to wear a sunscreen every single say. I invite you to check my articles:

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If you want to increase the power of this face cream add an essence containg snail filtrate followed by the Missha Night repair ampoule (Click me for the link). The Benton snail bee High content essence is an exellent one. Read the wonderful review of « simple skincare science ». Click me for the link.

Where to get it:

Nature republic Snail Solution (Click me)


This face cream is one of my favorite. It uses the powerful humectant property of snail mucin that makes it deeply moisturizing without using oils. With the Nature Republic Snail solution cream you have high moisture with cosmetics elegance. 

Thank you for reading me.

A bientôt, 


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