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2019 Recommendations -DO’S & DON’Ts

2019 recommendations skincare
2019 recommendations skincare

A brand new year is ahead of us so let’s start 2019 on the right note. Today, I want to share with you 3 DO’S and 3 DON’T to hump up your skincare routine. Sometimes changing a small thing in your skincare routine leads to healthy skin. 

Double cleanse your skin

Well, this one is obvious if you are following me. I encourage you to double cleanse your face every single night using an oil-based cleanser followed by a water-based wash. I have written an article explaining why (click me). Gentle acidic cleansers are too mild to cleanse your skin properly when used as a single step. However, when combined with an oil or a balm as a first cleanser they are perfect. With this method, you achieve an ideal cleanse skin (no residue of makeup, sunscreen, pollutants…) without stripping your skin and wreck havoc it’s delicate acid pH. 

Use water to prep your skin in the morning 

I invite you to skip your morning cleanser and instead use tap water. Cleansers contain detergent that disturbs the physiology of the skin. Even though it is crucial to double cleanse every single evening, the morning routine is all about shielding your skin for the day. Try it for a week and see how your skin responds to it. If you notice you have more pimple incorporate a water-based cleanser on the problematic area. There is no need to double cleanse in the morning. In the morning, you don’t have to use your cleanser all over your face but only on the problematic area. If you wan to know more read my article (click me).

Go hard with the moisturizer 

Having a well-moisturized skin is the most critical part of any skincare routine regardless of your skin type. Dry, dehydrated skin is suffering. The first step to anti-aging and healthy looking skin is moisturizing. 90% of my clients in Paris (I am a cosmetic consultant) have dry or dehydrated skin even though they all used a moisturizer. My challenge for you is never to have flaky skin for 2019. Don’t be afraid of the moisturizer and go hard with it. It is always better to have shining skin two hours after applying your skincare than having a dry mat skin. If your skin is too shiny for your liking, use a tissue to absorbs the excess of oil by simply pressing it onto your face. I have two articles on two moistures I love on from Nature republic (click me) and the other one form The ordinary (click me).

Never used soap

Oh, my Soap… If I have to name one horrendous product, it is soap! A study has shown that 8 hours after using soap the skin pH is still not back to its healthy pH… If you have soap in your house toss it right away. Also, there is this ongoing trend to sell “natural” handmade soaps claiming that their soaps are healthy for the skin… No and no and no. The detergent in soap is by nature basic and highly stripping. It is for a good reason that soap has been used to do laundry. Watch my video on the pH of your skincare (click me) and on the stratum corneum (click me).

Don’t use a cleansing towel or tissue 

I have often seen this trend where a towel or a tissue is used to help to rinse the oil or the water-based cleanser. I don’t recommend it because it micro-exfoliates the skin on a daily basis and not uniformly. Exfoliating the skin, mechanically or by using acids, is an essential step of any skincare routine but not every day. Too much exfoliation provokes chronic inflammation. Use your hand and be gentle to your skin. If you have a lot of texture and blackheads, use a konjac sponge on the problematic area only in the evening. 

Never have flaky skin 

This one goes and to hand with “go hard with your moisturizer.” Most of the time flaky skin results from dehydration. If you have flakes of dry skin, it means that something is not right in your skincare routine. Applied your moisturizer thickly and make sure that every area of your face is well coated. I am pretty sure you have heard a lot about acids, retinol, vitamin C and other ingredients to combat aging. Some of them are indeed fantastic, but the core of any anti-aging routine starts with moisturizer and a heavy duty sunscreen. 

Watch my video where I also share products I currently love. 

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