Alpha-Lipoic acid and underrated acid

Alpha-Lipoic acid is a natural component that our cells use daily in energetic metabolism. We found Alpha Lipoic acid in almost all food. In terms of skincare, a double-blind study has demonstrated that 5% of Lipoic acid improve photoaging skin. This a beautiful acid that is not commonly unfortunately. 

The Science

Double-blind studies are the best demonstration that we have to unveil the true power of an active. In this study, 33 women (around 54 years old) were treated daily with 5% of alpha-Lipoic acid on half of the face and with a control cream on the other half, twice daily for 12 weeks. 

After 12 weeks, four methods were used to assess the face: self-evaluation, clinical evaluation, photographic evaluation and laser profilometry. After treatment, they notice a decrease in skin roughness. 

There are also reports that it is a potent antioxidant especially when it is converted into dihydrolipoic acid. Because it is part of the energetic metabolism it is most likely a potent antioxidant. I am still cautious because it is not clearly demonstrated when applying on the skin.  

My take on alpha-Lipoic acid

I have been playing with alpha-Lipoic acid for quite some time and it is a beautiful acid to exfoliate the skin. I like this acid to use in an anti-aging routine. You double the pros: antioxidant and exfoliation. 

At 5% it is potent. What you will likely experience is a burning sensation. On myself, it is not too bothering but be aware of it and don’t worry. Every time, I use it I experience a plant smell too. 

Don’t keep the bottle for too long as the solution will turn opaque. This acid is very sensitive to the sun. 

Give it a try and tell me what you think about it.  

If you want to know more watch talk about it. 

🍋 Which one to get?

The ordinary Alpha lipoic acid ⎪


I have only quote the most relevant publication.

Thank you for your time. 


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