Krave beauty Oat so simple the test

I have already done the formula breakdown of the formula in an earlier post that I invite you to check here. It is one of the simplest formula that I know of which is not necessarily a problem for a moisturizer. The only « acitves » ingredients is oat. Oat is beautiful anti inflammatory ingredient. Hence, the ingredient list suggest that this a soothing moisturizer. 

Krave beauty describes it as « a no frills moisturizer that feeds your skin with skin-calming, water-bursting moisturizer ». 

I have said many times the major skin problem is dehydrated skin that a worldwide epidemic. Having a proper moisturizing routine is at utmost importance. The best way to achieve it is with the holy trio: toner/essence, serum and moisturizer. 

How a moisturizer works?

The theory behind moisturizing ones skin is not complicated. It required humectants to attract water in the skin barrier and emollients (plus occlusive if needed) to lock in the water. This mimic how our skin retains water. Depending on the skin nature someones will need more emollients and occlusives while and oily skin while mainly required humectants. 

Does The Krave Beauty Oat so simple water cream moisturize ? 

The Krave Beauty Oat so simple formula is lacking humectants that we all need. I was expecting that oat extract will compensate that but it is not the case unfortunately. This cream is not moisturizing enough. I’ve been playing with it for 6 days and testing it on my self and my friend, even with a good combo of hydrating toner and serum we ended up with dehydrated skin. The oat so simple is suitable if you live in a hot and humid climate and if you have oily skin. For dry, normal and combination skin this moisturizer doesn’t do the job at all. 

After testing it I also think that this cream lacks emollients too the concentration of free fatty acid and squalane is not sufficient to lock in the water unfortunately. I am no pleased to tell you this as I love Liah Yoo and I also know the tremendous amount of work behind the creation of a product. 

How is the texture?

The texture is a gel cream that turns into a super fresh essence. It is extremely pleasant to use and it’s what I call a modern texture. The effect on the skin is very similar to a simple water gel. It plumps the skin upon application and after 20 minutes the signs of dehydration appears as all water as evaporated due to the lack of « strong » water binding molecules (hulectants) and emollients. 

How I recommend to use it ? 

Unless you have oily skin I don’t recommend it to use it as a moisturizer. However, I like it a lot as a « mixer » for my actives or to layer it just before my moisturizer. I love to mix it with retinol in the PM or with by vitamin C derivatives in the AM. Check my routine if you want to know more. 

My conclusions

I have to say that I am very disappointed. A moisturizer is of extreme importance in someone skin health and it is one of the primary function of the skin. Whatever your skin type make sure to never have dehydrated skin. This moisturizer on it’s own won’t help you. 

How does it work with the other Kreave Beauty products? If you use the Great Barrier Relief serum on top of the moisturizer it helps for sure but for normal skin it’s still not perfect. In the AM if you layer Oat so simple water cream, Great Barrier Relief serum and Beet the sun SPF50+ PA+++ (aka the Beet Shield in the USA) it is fine. 

You can watch my video to know more as always.  

Thank you for your time. 


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