Bioderma Photoderm family Milk SPF50+

The Photoderm family milk SPF50+ is the latest addition to Bioderma sunscreens. Bioderma has always been very serious about sunscreens. The UV filters are always excellent and all Photoderm are either SPF50+ or SPF30. Of course, I won’t recommend a sunscreen under SPF50+ whatever your skin color is. 

Photoderm family Milk SPF50+ comes in 250ml (8.4 Fl.oz) and it is affordable around 15€ and the filters are to die for. This EU sunscreen, therefore, the UVA protection has to be 1/3 of the SPF or above using the Colipa method. Thanks to one of you, I’ve discovered that Bioderma disclosed the UVA protection on its Spanish website! The UVA protection factor is 42 apparently which is amazing. 

This sunscreen is meant to be applied on the face and body. It is waterproof and can be reapplied on wet skin. 

The UV filters and formula 

Uvinul A plus (UVA I mainly)

Homosalate (UVB)

Tinosorb S (UVB, UVAII, UVAI)

Octyl Salicylate (UVB)

Uvinul T150 (UVB)

As with any good sunscreen, there is redundancy in the filters. The rest of the formula contains a blend of good humectants, mainly sugars that you find in almost all Bioderma products (xylitol, fructooligosaccharides…) and vitamin E. 

Notorious allergen

None, this formula is perfume-free and avoids UV filters that are known to trigger allergies.  

Texture and finish 

Usually, very high protection sunscreens come with a tacky and greasy texture. This one is milk that spreads easily. I find it closer to a cream that turns into a lotion.  It is pleasant to apply and has zero white cast. It is very moisturizing and leaves the skin dewy and shiny. You can skip your moisturizer with it. If you dab on a bit of powder and it is fine. Don’t forget that you need a tone of sunscreen at least 1/4 of a teaspoon on the face and another one on the neck or one length of a finger for the face and neck. 

My conclusion

I like this sunscreen. This is a great one especially in extreme conditions or if you want the best. Keep in mind that it is dewy unless you have super dry skin. It works under makeup.  

Watch me talking about it.

Thank you for your time. 


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