Evy sunscreen mousse SPF50

EVY sunscreens claim to be « long-lasting » sunscreens. As a reminder SPF and UVA protection factor as to be stable for 2 hours according to the tests. I don’t know what long-lasting mean and it is not serious.

Let’s have a look at the filters. 

Filters and formula 

Octocrylene UVB, Uvinul A plus UVAI, Avobenzone UVAI, Tinosorb S (UVB, UVAII, UVAI), Uvinul T150 (UVB). 

The filters are excellent there is redundancy in the filters, an excellent point. The avobenzone is stabilized by the Tinosorb S. 

The rest of the formula is very simple. 

The two main emollients are palmitic acid and stearic acid 

No perfume no irritant. 

Notorious Allergen

Almost none octocrylene is sometimes problematic.  

Still, I have several issues with this sunscreen

It is only « SPF50 »

If you are not new to my blog you will know that I only recommend SPF50+ because the higher the protection is the fewer UV rays are transmitted to the skin (here to know more). 

In the EU, the UVA protection has to be 1/3 of the SPF or above. Therefore an SPF50 has a UVA protection of 16 or above, while and SPF50+ has UVA protection of 20 or above. Apparently, the UVA protection is higher than the EU requirement and is 90% of the SPF so it could be a PPD of 30. Again, this not regulated and not clearly state so I don’t like that. Also, 90% is vague as we don’t know what this percentage represents exactly. 

The SPF and UVA protection factor are depended on the quantity 

 The SPF and UVAPF are depended on how much you apply. It is very challenging to apply the correct quantity with cream or milk. It is even more difficult with a mousse has it contains gas, aka bubbles. So how can you know you have applied 2mg/cm2? In terms of sunscreen, I want to make sure that nobody under apply. With a mousse, it is hard to tell.  

It is a long-lasting sunscreen 

This sunscreen claims that it is long-lasting. Like I said after two hours it is not regulated. Still, there is a nice paper from Ditte Maria Beyer et al. in 2010 that has demonstrated that the SPF of organic and inorganic sunscreens are reduced of 25% after 8 hours (without activities like sport.)… 

So if we translated with this sunscreen after 8 hours the SPF should be of SPF37.5 while and SPF60 8 hours after will be SPF45. If I do the same game after 6 hours

SPF50 after 6 hours will be SPF40.5

SPF60 after 6 hours will be SPF48,6

Therefore, it is likely that with any modern sunscreens you still have a high SPF on the face hence this is not a breakthrough. 

There are also others claims that doesn’t make sense. Here are some example:

« It forms a protective barrier that enhances your skin’s natural defenses. » Like every sunscreen, they shield the skin from UV hence protecting our immune cells. 

« The mousse spreads throughout the top layer of skin, instead of staying on the surface which many creams do » Do they imply that their sunscreen is absorbed in the epidermis? That would be bad and it is unlikely. It would have been better to claim that this sunscreen forms a film that resist frictions and is waterproof. 

« This means you get very long-lasting protection against both UVA and UVB rays. » What does long-lasting mean? Is it 6 hours without any change in the SPF and the UVA protection? Or the SPF decreases no more than SPF30? The way it is written is misleading and doesn’t promote reapplication, so no. 

Overall, I am dubious and don’t like this type of marketing.  I would love that EVY makes SPF50+ were they show us that the SPF and the UVA protection remains the same for 6 hours. As always I recommend you invest in SPF50+ and not less whatever your skin color. 

Thank you for your time. 


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