Skincare for baby – NON TOXIC !

In my personal life, I had a lot of questions regarding baby’s skincare. I have discovered many baby’s lines that utterly wrong. 

Baby’s skin 

Here are the two main differences between an adult and a baby skin. 

-The epidermis is more permeable than adult ones. What you apply on the skin will likely reach the blood circulation. 

-The skin pH of a newborn is neutral and becomes acidic. It means that germs can proliferate easier at this pH. 

-The immune system of a newborn is in development. 

The safest the better: 

Because baby’s skin is permeable choose the safest. Your baby is a being in constant development. Lots and lots of cell proliferation occur, and you don’t want to mess with this beautiful process. Always opt for the simplest formula and the safest. 

Baby’s skincare: what to avoid: 

-No perfume 

-No essentials oils

-No preservative

-No botanical ingredients unless it is a “safe” oil. 

-No complex ingredients such as snail filtrate for instance. 

-No alcohol 

Baby’s skincare extra recommendations: 

Be mindful of what to use on your hand while you are touching your baby. I recommend using the same moisturizer as the one for your baby on your hands. Do no exposed your baby to the sun at all. This advice extends for children. 

On my youtube video, I tell you more and recommend the pediatril line from Avene. 

Avene Pediatril line: 

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Thank you for reading me. 

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