My AM skincare routine Spring 2019

I took my time before telling you about my own skincare routine. The reason is that I needed to lay down some basic information before diving into my own regiment. There is so much misinformation on the use of actives that I think it is better to first deal with the fundamentals and then tell you how I incorporate them for my own skin type. 

I encourage you to read and watch my post on “How to build a skincare regimen” (here) before. 

🛡 Protect your skin in the morning 

My morning routine is all about shielding my skin from the harmful environment. All along the day, the skin has to cope with UV irradiation, variations of temperature, change of humidity, pollutants… For this reason, my morning routine is focused on protection. 

🌊 Moisturizing 

One of the primaries of functions of the skin is to retain water by preventing any excess of water loss (the famous transepidermal water loss). All our cells require water to function, even the dead skin layer depends on water for the biochemical reaction to occur. To achieve the “perfect” moisturized skin you need to layer the right product packed with humectants and emollients (if you need them). 

🍊 Antioxidants

I don’t include acids or retinoids in the morning because I don’t want to induce any unnecessary stress during the day. But I do like to supplement my routine with antioxidant. I mainly use vitamin C derivatives and the antioxidants from the Missha Time revolution. I have a delicious review on this bad boy (here). 

☀️🧴Sun protection

Well, I guess you saw this one coming. I wear a sunscreen of SPF50+ PA++++ (in the Asian system) every single day. I do change my sunscreen quite often to test new ones but I have a few favorites. Check my post and video on Sunscreen extravaganza (here). Remember that the accumulative exposures to UVs induce premature aging. The less UV irradiate your skin the better. 

If you want to know what products I use and how I layer them watch my video.    

Thank you for your time. 

A bientôt, 


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