Anti-aging routine feat my Mum

I thought it would be interesting that I explain how to start an anti-aging routine to correct the signs of aging. This blog post and the video that goes along with it are the beginning of a series with my Mum.

Start right

The best way to start any skincare routine is to nail the basics. I talked about them in my post on how to build a skincare routine (here). Cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing and protecting your skin from UVs are fundamental for great skin health. Start with these simple steps and build on them. 

Anti-aging with retinol

Retinol is the best way to start a proper anti-aging routine but there are many ways of using it. 

Retinol can be used to maintain the skin in a healthy state or as a potent treatment to treat and reverse some of the signs of aging. I use retinol in my routine to keep my skin young (here). On today’s post, I will explain how to use it as a treatment. 

Treat with retinol

When you want to correct signs of aging it is required to use a hefty dose of retinol in order to have results similar to retinoic acid. So use 1% retinol every single day. I have already explained the many benefices of retinol in my retinol series (here).

Here are some important facts to remember with retinol

-The skin requires 4 to 6 weeks to get used to retinol.

-Likely, you will experience signs of irritation it is normal, so don’t worry 

-The key is to stick to the treatment even if irritations occurs 

-Use the retinol for at least 2 months 

-Stop using any form of exfoliant for 2 months.  

-Don’t use any other actives and irritants (no alcohol, essential oils…)

My Mom routine made by me 

If you are familiar with me, you have noticed that I love to explain but sometimes it is easier to demonstrate. So I have invite my mom on my youtube channel and build for her a routine using retinol 1%. Watch it to know all the steps. It is the beginning of a series with my mom. 

My Mum’s routine: 

  • 🥜 🧼 Cleansing oil
  • 🧼 Water based cleansers 
  • 🌊 Toners / essences
  • 🧪 Serum
  • 🍼 Milk
  • ⚱️Moisturizers 
  • ☀️Sunscreen

Thank you for your time


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