How to build a skincare regiment

How to build a skincare regiment

No matter what product you use, if you do not know how to integrate them into a skincare routine they won’t perform well. Whatever your skin type is the same principal apply. I call them fundamentals. 

1 Cleansing 

CLeansing is one essential step that will help your skin tremendously but it is important to use the right product and to not overdo it. Read and watch my videos on the subject: AM cleansing and PM cleansing. 

2 Exfoliating

I have published several articles on the subject (here, here and here). Exfoliating your skin is a pillar in every skincare regimen. It helps your skin to produce new healthy cells, it helps with moisturizing, it gives you a brighter skin tone, it increases the cell turnover…  

3 Moisturizing 

I think everybody knows about this one. But 90% of people suffer from dehydration. It is the number one issue in my opinion. An explanation is that one product is not sufficient to fix dehydration. 

4 Protect your skin from UVs

I have already talked about this subject a lot (click here and here).  Protecting your skin from UVs won’t make your skin looking better today but it will make it look younger in 10 years. 

Watch my video where I detail all my fundamentals and share with you precious tips to help you build your best skincare routine. 

Thank you for your time. 

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