Fundamental eye care tips

The most bothering area on the face is the eyes. It shows the first sign of fatigue, aging and is prone to dryness. On top of that, the skin is more sensitive than the rest of the face so it is harder to treat without major side effects. 

I am a huge advocate of protective and shielding the eye area as best as you can and this start with a proper cleansing routine and makeup removal. 

Makeup removal and cleansing habits

Don’t be aggressive but extra gentles. It’s important to use the right product and take the time to properly removes every bit of makeup. My favorite way is to use an oil cleanser or a balm cleanser. If you are wearing heavy and waterproof makeup use the Bioderma Micellar lotion: drench a cotton pad and gently press in it for 20 seconds and then gently sweep the cotton. Then use an oil-based cleanser. I finish by using an acidic water-based cleanser to remove any oily film. If you still have residues of eyeliner use a cue tip with a micellar lotion.  

Hydration and moisturizer 

Dry and dehydrated skin looks wrinkly, with emphasized lines especially on the eye area. I tend to favor balmy texture for the eye area but I have found amazing lightweight creams.  A big misconception is that you need to use a dedicated eye cream. You don’t. Some face moisturizer works wonder for the eye area.  I talk about my recommendations in my video and at the end of this post. 


A lot of people tend to avoid wearing sunscreen on the eye area simply because it causes eye irritations and tends to collect in the fine lines. Non encapsulated octinoxate is notorious to cause eye irritation. Stay away from it. Favor a mineral-based sunscreen if your eye area is extra gentle, or sunscreen without octinoxate unless it is encapsulated. 


No doubt wearing concealer is a life saver when you are tired. It brightens and gives a more awake look. I use concealer almost every day. But be careful, concealers and powders can dry out the skin and after a couple of hours emphasize the fine lines and do more harms than good. 

Watch my video to know what I recommend to use. 

Thank you for your time. 


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