How to shave without ruining your skin?

If you like a clean shave face you already know how difficult it is to have a smooth face with no irritations, no breakouts, no ingrown hair… The struggle and believe me I was there/

Understanding shaving 

Hair has a peculiar shape they are thick at their root and become thinner at their top. Therefore when you use a manual razor you will create a sharp edge on the thicker part that will irritate and creates ingrown hairs. 


It is important for skin health to have a proper exfoliating routine, the best is with acids (here). If you have a build-up of dead skin cells in the vicinity of hair follicules it will trigger more ingrown. This being said some of you will still experience ingrown no matter what, but it will help a lot. 


Moisturize is of utmost importance for you skin and for shaving. Dehydrated and dry skin have more skin flakes that will lead to more irritations, ingrown hair and so one. A proper moisturizing regiment will lubricate the hair to shave them and will soothe the aftermath irritations. It will also help to smooth the skin surface to diminish frictions with the blade.. 

Shave less 

This one may seem obvious but the less your shave the better. It will give your skin some time to heal.    

Ditch your razor 

My best advice is to stop using a manual razor and invest in an electric shaver or an electric trimmer. Their blades are less sharp and don’t create sharp edges on the hair. They also don’t cut the hair that close that diminishes ingrown hairs. If you still want a close shave I recommend the Philips One blade. This one has been a game-changer for me. I talk about it more in my video. If you like a 5 shadow simply use a trimmer. I use the Philips Norelco Vacuum Beard Trimmer. I like it because it has a vacuum that reduces the cleaning time.  

Learn how to use manually razor  

I understand that you prefer the look of super smooth skin and only a manual razor can give you that. Here are my tips

1 Use a super sharp razor. Change regularly your blades to always get a smooth cut.

2 Shave after taking a warm shower, better if you do in the evening and then use plenty of moisturizers. The warmth and the water from the shower will swell hair.  

3 Lubricate well your skin before your shave. You can use a gel-cream or simply a gentle cleanser like the Eucerin pH5 oil shower or the SVR Topialyse cleansing oil

4 Make sure your shave on super damp skin with warm water. 

5 Use a gentle scrub before shaving but don’t over-exfoliate. Paula’s choice Unscrub seems promising. 

Watch me, talk about it as I have more tips. 

Thank you for your time. 


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