The truth about La Roche Posay

I’ve been asked to review the French pharmacy on youtube and Instagram. La Roche Posay is a popular brand worldwide but you have not seen me gush about them. To be brutally honest, I find their formulas below average. 


The purpose of this post is to explain why certain products are better than others. It is not about bashing anyone. 

To illustrate my rational I’m going to show you a couple of examples. I have listed only the « interesting » ingredients.  

Toleriane Ultra Moisturizing cream $29.99

Emollients: squalane, shea butter, dimethicone, 

Humectants: hyaluronic acid 

Peptides: Acetyl dipeptide 1 acetyl ester (sooth and supposedly relax the muscle)

For $30 you get nice emollients almost no humectants and one peptide. For a soothing cream with this formula, it is far too expensive for what it is. I don’t understand why they have chosen to include only one soothing ingredient. Why choose one when you can add more? Here are a few examples: allantoin, licorice extract, beta-glucan, ceramides… 

Redermic R retinol cream 56.99%

Retinol is the anti-aging molecule along with sunscreen. I have made a post about it and I have videos on it (here). The price is high for such a simple formula. Simple emollients (Glycerin, Soybean oil), hyaluronic acid and adenosine.

This cream is recommended for deep wrinkles, premature sun damage, and sensitive skin but the concentration of retinol is not indicated. That’s a problem because 1% retinol will smooth wrinkles and reverse photodamage but is hard to tolerate. Therefore you will have a period where you have to stops acids, vitamin C… while your skin tolerates it. But here how can you know?

From what I’ve read online it has0.1% retinol, so it is low strength retinol. Again why pay that much for only 0.1% retinol? In my video, I show you proper retinol products. 

SUBSTIANE Riche $56.99

This one is a bit different because the emollients are good shea butter, apricot oil, several synthetic emollients, bee wax but it has not a lot of humectants. My issue with it is that it is sold as an anti-aging cream to densify the skin well there are two pseudo-anti-aging actives hydroxypropyl tetrahydropyrantriol (pro-Xylane) and Acetyl dipeptide 1 acetyl ester. This is not an anti-aging cream but a good emollient cream but too pricey. 

My conclusions 

In my video, I review the new C10 serum that is again not impressive. If La Roche Posay lowers their price, changed their marketing claims I would be fine with it. Also, even though La Roche Posay targets sensitive skin most of their products are not fragrance-free. 

Overall, I’m not impressed at all. Check my review on the Hyalu B5 line (here). 


  • 🥕Retinol
  • Paula’s choice 1% retinol treatment⎪
  • 🍊 Vitamin C

Thank you for your time. 


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