Turn your AHA into a beast 

High concentrated acid blends are so trendy. They give instant smooth and glowy skin. The problem is that few people can tolerate them weekly. Over exfoliation is becoming a major problem leading to sensitization of the skin. 

I prefer to recommend a mild acidic toner containing a lower concentration of AHA. Check my series on AHA to understand what they are (here). Even though they don’t contain a crazy amount of acid, you can still turn them into powerful peels. 

I Change your water-based cleanser  

I am an advocate of double cleansing (here) with oil (or a balm) followed by a gentle acidic cleanser. A simple way to make your acidic toner stronger is to leave on the water-based cleanser for 2-3 minutes on your face. 

II Layer your toner 

A second easy way to make your toner stronger is to layer it 2 to 3 times. I recommend the Krave beauty Kale Lalu yAHA, The Ordinary 7% glycolic toner and the By Wishtrend 5% Mandelic acid 

III Mix your toner with clay

You won’t see me do a lot of at-home recipes but this one is fantastic. My favorite clay is Kaolin. The recipe is super easy: mix clay powder with your favorite acidic toner. Leave the mask on for 5 minutes on the face.

Check my video where I demonstrate each tip.  


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Thank you for your time. 


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